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Heart to Heart


Title: Heart to Heart

Summary: "Colonnello knows. Even though it’s the first time that they love each other physically, he has loved her for a long time. It isn’t about touching or physical pleasure, it’s about feeling. It’s his love for her that gives her pleasure." Just a oneshot of Colonnello and Lal finally finding themselves after all those years, once the curse is broken. Rated M for a reason.

Characters/Relationships: Colonnello x Lal Mirch

Genre: Romance

Rating: M

Status: Complete

On FF.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10174970/1/Heart-to-Heart

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Aand! Photos from my recent photoshoot in my Colonnello cosplay, with Marie as my amazing Lal! 

Photos are by Kelevar Photography!!<3

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ColoLal poster for (almost) free!
Hi guys! Would any one of you be interested in this poster? I’m giving it out and I’d only ask for 7$ sent to my PayPal for the fee for shipment. It’ll be shipped from Poland, so it might take a while for it to get there; I’ll make sure to send you a message the same day I leave it at post office (:
As for measurements, look here - it was this exact product. Send me an ask (not on Anon :P) if you want it!
(It looks a bit funny on the photos because nowadays it lies rolled up on my shelf)

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masteriso asked: I really love this pairing ! thank you so much to have create this blog !

Ah! Always glad to see somebody happy because of it! You’re welcome! <3